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Merchandise such as shirts & CDs will be available in the future!

Get it on iTunes

Note: The EP is FREE on the 3rd tab of this website, but IF you choose to donate, you can do so by downloading it via clicking the "BC" (BandCamp) icon below and entering an amount of currency to donate for the download. If you would like to purchase it on iTunes, just know that in the future there will be an option to order a PHYSICAL CD, so iTunes may not be the best option to get the biggest "bang for your buck" while trying to support this music project. If you do want to purchase the EP on iTunes, you can click the music note icon-link above. Thank you! Whether you download for free, buy, donate, or stream, I appreciate you! The most important thing is that people are listening to and enjoying my music. If you do purchase or stream it, I highly appreciate your monetary contribution to this music project.

A Note Regarding BandCamp: BandCamp will send an email with the download link. It will NOT download onto your phone, only onto your computer. You have to transfer the files from your computer onto your phone if you want the music there. 

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