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Electronic Press Kit

Denis Ashton is a German-born vocalist, music producer, and composer living in North Carolina.
He is self-signed to his record label “Ashton Records”.

Refusing to be pigeon-holed into any box, his eccentric sound covers an eclectic and diverse collection of genres ranging all the way from alternative electronic music to EDM, rap, rave, techno, and even rock &

Sent on what he believes to be a God-given mission fueled by his pain and passion, he is determined to express himself by telling his life story through his music & lyrics.


Having a dream of expressing himself to an audience who likes and enjoys his music, he has a love and appreciation for his fans, knowing that without them he is nothing, as he would have no audience to express himself to or admire his work.


His goal is to create music and lyrics to help people feel happy and alive, cope with life’s pain and suffering through cathartic release, and to help them escape while also being inspired to follow their dreams.


All Of My Socials, Streaming Platforms, and Online Store Links:

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