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Denis Ashton - The Sick EP Cover Art

© + ℗ 2022 Ashton Records/Denis Ashton

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All downloads are via Google Drive, and contain the 5 songs, the 5 lyrics files, and the cover art (JPG format) image.

All downloads are FREE. If you do, however, want to donate, you can do so by downloading The Sick EP via the "BC" (BandCamp) button below and entering in an amount to donate.

Note: BandCamp will send an email with the download link. It will NOT download onto your phone, only onto your computer. You have to transfer the files form your computer onto your phone if you want the download there. You can, however, still donate via the BandCamp download page on your phone. Just ignore the download link email, and click one of the FREE download links below! 

After clicking the download button, simply click the download icon toward the top right of the window. To unzip, double click or right click and select "extract all".

If you are on a mobile device, the folder may unzip automatically.

If you have the Google Drive mobile ap, and it comes up after clicking a download link and it states "unsupported file type", try clicking the 3 dots on the top right, tapping "copy link", and opening the link by pasting it into the URL bar of a WEB BROWSER ap instead! The Google Chrome browser ap may potentially not work for this.

  • Bandcamp
AAC (Standard iTunes Format; Great Quality)

MP3 (The Classic of Audio Formats; Good Quality)

16 Bit, 44.1 kHz WAV (HUGE Size; CD/Excellent Quality)
Note: WAV files cannot hold cover art in song metadata; so no art.

32 Bit, 48 kHz WAV (GIGANTIC Size; PERFECT Quality)
Note: WAV files cannot hold cover art in song metadata; so no art.
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